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Tri-County Players announces auditions for Birds, A Greek comedy by Aristophanes re-imagined by Burt McCollom!

Showdates, October 9, 10, 11, 16 and 17.

BIRDS is a family-friendly, over-the-top, hilarious comedy (think Shrek meets Hee-Haw meets Laugh-In...and Benny Hill) about two humans (think Abbott and Costello) fed up with a world of lawyers, politicians and taxes who flee earth in search of the King of the Birds to find a simpler life. They concoct a crazy plan to build a city in the clouds, ruled by the Birds, which blocks sacrifices and forces both man below and the Olympian gods above to do their bidding.

Auditions will be held at the Sharonville Library on Monday, August 17 and Monday August 24 from 7-9 PM at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center located at 11165 Reading Road, Sharonville, OH 45241.


Cast of Characters:

    Pithetaerus...(Pith) a conniving human (Bud Abbott-ish)
    Euelipides...(Euel) a human sidekick (Lou Costello-ish)
    Trochilus...The Butler/Chef Bird...a "Stuffy" avian
    Epops...King of the Birds..an "Elvis-like" Hoopoe (Who-Poo)
    Bird Leader...a French-speaking legionnaire type
    The Priest Bird...a "heavenly" friar (Irish?)
    The Poet..."Be Cool...Be Bop"
    The Oracle...a "gypsy-like" soothsayer
    The Realtor...a "Million Drachma Club" wheeler-dealer
    The lst Messenger...a "UPS"-er type
    The 2nd Messenger...a "Fed-EX"-er type
    Iris...a small-time, bubblegum-chewing, Goddess
    Harold...an absent-minded "dim-witter"
    Stage Manager...the name says it
    Prometheus...a "disguised" fore-shadower
    Poseidon...a "sea-weeded", trident wielding deity
    Hercules...a "Marvelous" stereotype with sword/shield
    A Barbarian..."Bam-Bam" incarnate with club
    Dionysis...a "lover" of the grape with wine sac
    A Chorus of Birds

Shows performed at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center. For information on current shows and to reserve your tickets now, please contact our ticket line at (513) 471-2030.


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